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Dear SOFers,

Well, so-called fellow SOFers...Indeed! Hmmm, it's OK isn't, when one so dearly wishes that friends and even those with political differences are recommended to hear the 'message' contained in the Ricard interview(s). I will share the wisdom and ideas from Mr. Ricard's interview with Ms Tippet, gladly; and with a smile, too!

I am sending the link of the interview to friends, family, and professional colleagues (school psychologists) who I know will benefit from the wisdom contained in the interview(s). Mr. Ricard appears to accent the importance of a growing movement, not limited to just pop-psychology or yeah sayers that expands the notion of positive psychology. Its potential is life/earth saving... Mr. Ricard gives testament to our interdependence. He gives voice to a world with challenges experienced as much with wonderment, and with a call to action for a more civil society. It's a call to duty! It was through Mr. Ricard's and Ms Tippetts back-and forth dialogue that I heard hope. Yet, there was for the listener a sense-a-need of greater purpose for us all. And a commitment to possible positive impact on our nation. Quite and interview indeed!