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A wonderful episode!

I found Mathieu Ricard's joy at life absolutely contagious. His description of the discipline necessary to "cultivate" happiness is so pragmatic, simple and honest it just has to fit my western mind. In some people there is a quality; be it depth, joy, playfulness, sincerity... whatever... contentment, happiness...I don't know, but something profound and deep is communicated that gives me hope. This episode brought me hope that we don't always wage war, we don't always subvert, connive, or deceive. This story gave me hope in myself.

Sometimes we need to remember that we can't fix all that is wrong in the world. But we can bring a crucial element that makes things a bit better. Again the western mind wants to fix things with money, power, pragmatism but maybe it takes a song, a melody, a story or a painting. I guess this episode helped me see that I'd be doing the world a favor if I just practiced my guitar.

Much Thanks,

David Hill
Denmark, Maine