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Just when I was feeling like I’ve gotten nowhere with my life, it seems like I have been going school for a long time and haven’t decided or even know what I want to do with my life. My parents wants me do so many things but it doesn’t make me happy and usually the plans fails because I don’t put any effort in it. After a lot of thinking, I just want to be happy with what I’m doing. Just as I started with my homework, I had gone onto, “Speaking of Faith” to finish my assignment. I was very surprised that the main article was about the “happiest” man in the world. I usually wait awhile later to listen to the broadcast but just the title seemed interesting already. Half way into the broadcast, I was very surprised to learn who was Mattheiu Richard was. I’m still amazed to how he changed from a cell biologist to a Buddhist. I think he had set a good example that one doesn’t know exactly what one is suppose to do, as time changes; one will learn what one love most.

After listening to whole broadcast, Mattheiu Richard, to me is the happiest man in the world. The way he talks and the way he presents himself is very positive and the information that he presented. Overall, I thought his broadcast with Kirsta Tippett was very interesting because I never knew there was such thing as a person being the happiest but after listening to this broadcast, I understand how one can become happy in what one does with one’s work.