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Love Matthieu Ricard. Read his books many times.

Why does Krista say "human beings may actually learn something?" Don't we already know?

It seems we need to point out in our world around us the sources of "antidialogic action" as in Paulo Freire. He defines very well why altruism "doesn't exist". Why is was so systematically and ubiquitously talked down using Ayn Rand in the 20th Century after the War.

Or there is poverty, inequality, violence over resources. Violence set up and "seeded" over resources. With the guns paid for clandestinely.

Or why human beings have limiting thoughts in their heads which hold them back from creating a better world they would all like.

Why the state was denigrated and is failing now.

It is all very clear. Lincoln knew. Jefferson knew. Franklin knew. They just may not have been explicit enough in their checks and balances scheme to sequester it! They may not have had adequate faith in humanity in 18th century. There was perhaps too much debate about the potential for mere citizens, so our own Supreme Court is confused, or has a license to ignore.

I don't see what human beings have to learn. We know it already and just have to move through the people in dialogue so they can free themselves from imaginary bounds. These bounds of the mind were observed by Romans in the Judean peasants and commented on in extant writings. They were not the experience of students of the Mystery Schools. Nor are they the experience of practitioners of Buddhism or other Spiritual practice today. Though, they may be the experience of Buddhists in Feudal Tibet!

We just have to all name it. Call it for what it is. And legislate against it! Because the perpetrators of "antidialogic" action are killing the planet and choking the life from all of us against every Democratic (and therefore Socratic) principle.

We have to stop treating them like they are a secret that can't be discussed. They are behind the curtain and we have been told to "pay no attention to the man..." behind it now for too long. Some of us may even have been threatened.

We need to evolve the "social construction" as Spinoza observed in 1600s we are well capable of doing, which he said is the "real expression of our divinity"!

We don't have to learn. We have to collectively act on the spiritual insights we know to be true! Let the dialogue of popular education begin!