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The discussion of neuroplasticity gives me personal hope. As a young artist and student of composition, I often find myself very selfishly and personally involved with my work because I am working to be innovative and create something that will stand my work out among the large collection of art that has been, is being and will be produced. What this interview reminded me is that my work is interdependent on all of the work with which I am competing. My attempted innovations would not be possible except for my reliance on all of my influences and competition. What I learned in this 51 minutes is that I need to make a shift in my inspiration and work toward exercising my skill of using my passions to serve others. Serve the gamut of artistic expression with my attempted innovations and serve my audience by creating work that will aid the fostering of happiness by pitting specific circumstances as a part of a large scale and universal life and part of the journey of humanity. The reason that I chose music as my profession was that it is my own effective practice and exercise of meditation and mind training. Needless to say, I have new inspiration and circumstances after experiencing this interview!