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Robert, he definitely wrote more books! I recently saw that you can find most of them at in either print or audio. I personally love hearing him narrate the books more than reading them as he's such a wonderful speaker. Not sure if you will see this message, but if not, I hope you've at least tried looking him up at any online bookstore and found more of his writing to enjoy. I know what you mean about how unique his vision was. Thomas Merton was a very different person/writer, but he comes to mind as another refreshing person with depth and generosity of spirit. I think one could say he was sort of a kindred spirit. Also, as you probably know, John O'Donohue was greatly inspired by Meister Eckhart's old writings. I discovered those a few years before discovering John O'Donohue, and I can see that they, too, were kindred spirits, so to speak. Hopefully the book John was writing on him will eventually be published.