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Thank you SoF for having John Odonahue on your show. For the past couple of years I have been in a search for my higher power and my purpose in this life.

After listening to this program I was enlightened and had my faith strenghthened to a much higher level. One of the reasons is something Mr. Odonahue said about inner strength. He reflected on a place deep inside every one of us where no outside forces can penetrate. He said that this part of us has never been wounded with any of lifes problems. I think he said that this is where our higher power lives within us.

I am sure that I am not remembering exactly how Mr. Odonahue put it but that is the way my heart took it. It has given me a new place within that I can draw strenght from.

Another wonderful thing I loved was his bringing together nature with his faith. I have always been one who can see the beauty in almost any landscape.

I have also recently been on a spiritual quest to find what my purpose is while I am here in this time. Right now I am in sales and for many many years I have been told that I have a way with people and a deep understanding of how people are feeling. Moreover I have been told that I have a way of comforting and service that is above and beyond. Sounds a bit like I am bragging on myself, I am only tring to say that maybe they are right and my purpose is to help people with this gift of understanding.

I am married with three children. My wife supports what is happening inside me but frankly is a bit apprehensive to me making any sudden career choices. So we (my wife and I) are trying very hard to become debt free in the next couple of years so that my choices in service might not be a burden on my family.

Well again thank you for putting Mr. John Odonahue into my life. I believe nothing is a coincedence.

Slowly searching,