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Is beauty not in the eye of the beholder? I think it is. I agree that the West coast of Ireland and Scotland is my style of beauty. What about those who love the look and feel of steel and concrete in the city? Could they not find surreal comfort there; Just a thought. I think of yesterday morning; there was fog the night before and the morning brought this beautiful frost to the trees. My drive this morning was amazing. I would relate the feelings I felt and the calmness I had on my drive to work and the 7 days that the lady Mr. O’Donohue talked about, spent to recover her stress and physical troubles she was having. I felt refreshed, at ease, and ready to take on the world.

It will be interesting to read John O'Donohue’s book. He seems to have an open idea for many religious beliefs. He mentions Christianity and Buddhism and what he likes about them. I kind of felt that he grew up with one set of beliefs, had them for many years, and then had his eyes opened to other possibilities and what else the world and philosophy had to offer him.