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I am a long time listener, and I have to say that I really, really enjoyed listening to, and using the amazing messages and themes contained within your program on Inner Beauty very recently.

I am involved in the Lutheran Kairos prison ministry in Southern California, where we conduct at our own cost what is effectively a three day Cursillo retreat for residents who seem ready to commit to changing their lives, and engaging in a program of self renewal and spiritual revival. In this program, groups of 35 Christian male volunteers from all denominations, work together with residents within the prison facilities to help them develop and achieve a new vision of their future lives, and see their past life more clearly.

I used the 'threshold' concept that was articulated in the interview, that of coming to and gradually moving into a new consciousness of the ever-present, unwounded self, as the theme of one of the fifteen talks and four meditations that are offered to the residents.

I just wanted to say an enormous "Thank you" to you all for the program, and to let you know how wonderfully useful and valuable your conversations with all of these diverse spiritual people can be. And in fact are. Your teams work on these programs is "invaluable" to me, and in my work with prison residents, has helped to save and profoundly change some lives, many of whom have now committed to dedicating part of their futures to being active in the future, helping other younger offenders to stay out of trouble when they get out
As a group of men after the Kairos weekend, we go back into each prison several times over the next year to re-affirm our commitment to the residents and give them an on-going and stable confidence in the sincerity of our mission and validity of their own efforts to change.
Thankyou, many times over
Geoff COrnish