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I feel like it was years ago when I was on a car trip with my parents and we stumbled upon an interview with John O'Donoghue. My father was intrigued, I was captivated and my mother was suspicious. She said "Irish accents are so wonderful that they could sell anything and it sounded like poetry" so her heart was not set alight as mine was, listening to talk of the invisible mysteries. Today I was in a bookshop and though looking for another title I picked up Eternal Echos. Reading it and the back of Anam Cara I had the strong sense that this was the man I had heard speak years before. I sought out a recording so I could check this feeling I had and listened to your program Krista. Certainly it was him and I loved listening to you both. Such thoughtfulness, such beauty in the interview! Such wonderful use of words and descriptions of delicate and elusive ideas. Thank you. This makes my heart sing and weep with the knowledge of what is real and what is illusion.