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With another birthday approaching in a few days, 51 to be exact, I am reminded of the many mountains I have been around to gain the wisdom of God's unconditional love. We as humans are often so stubborn and fall into selfish desires. Beieving "our way" will bring us a favoured outcome. It is this attitude that creates a division in our soul. Not of God from us, but rather us from God.
They say wisdom comes with age, but I believe wisdom comes from experience. If it weren't for these mountains I wouldn't have been on my knees praying for guidance and strength. The challenges God has allowed in my life have not only kept me close to Him, but dependent on prayer.
I choose to take this uncondtional love into my lifes calling as a bodyworker. For 23 years I have been touching lives and creating change one body at a time. I receive more than I could ever give and THAT continues to reveal to me the beauty of divine love.
I still fall on my knees, but it is there that I feel the tallest. Age is relative. I am still a child in God's eyes with a few more mountains to climb. The beauty is that I am no longer afraid to admit I need help. Wisdom...or experience?