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This Podcast was about a man named John O'Donohue who was formally a Catholic Priest for 19 years and by the sounds of things according to this podcast, he is now a Buddhist and a philosopher. He is also a poet and an author of a book called Anam Cara, which is Gaelic for "soul friend." Throughout this podcast, I did notice that this man believes in the Greek trait of the soul. This man believes that we are in the soul rather than the soul is in us. He says we can reach our soul through prayer, spirituality and love. These three things help us visit that sanctuary.
From what I can decipher from this podcast is that this guy is kind of about how we should just seek our own inner-vision about things because that is what this guy was talking about, his own ideas on life. Like one opinion he had was that he doesn’t believe we are less capable of love and relationships compared to a hundred years ago. The idea behind this is that he says we desperately hang on to things that make us miserable. On the other hand he says children today go through a lot more question zones on just religion in general compared to years ago. This kind of goes against Kierkegaard's idea that we are all equally at a disadvantage of seeking Jesus and God, but maybe John is talking about the grand scheme of things as in religion as a whole. He also talks about spiritual guidance can help us unlock the invisible world which that idea right there proves that this man is all about seeking your inner-vision as in seeking for the truth. But you can also say that everybody basically seeks their own inner-vision. After all the man says that we are all artist. He says this because we are all ex babies that can dream and those we have a very imaginative mind. The reason why we probably do this is because of the statement he says in his book that we probably can all relate to, "It's strange to be here, the mystery never leaves you."