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I listened to this interview while i ran by our little lake decatur today, in the stark, clear 20 degrees of a central illinois morning. my surroundings and the interview really hit just the right note, a true harmonic. I consider myself to be a Buddhist Witch (neopagan, wiccan whatever name one chooses). I'd never heard of Mr. O Donahue before this listening, but his sensibilities, struck me as things i've thought of before. From a young age, i recall being mesmerized by the local wilderness near our house- spending hours in the forest preserves in our far northwest chicago suburb.

From a Buddhist persepctive there is no 'God' or "prime mover,' but i do have, from the Tibetan Buddhist teachings i practice, a sense of the Divine; something that is beyond us, yet part of us and yet we are a part of it. This is what i see as the inner beauty and the beauty manifest in our world, about which Mr O Donahue was speaking. And of course, as a modern Witch or 'Wiccan,' i see, feel and experience the magick of the divine around us daily.... it all flows together for me, whether i'm running at the lake, working in my office or being with my family

Blessed Be