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i was driving back to baton rouge from my sister's ranch in texas when i turned on the radio - which i never do anymore. i hit "scan" and i heard Krista's voice. i pushed "scan" again and did the full circle - in case i'm missing something else scan, which again led me back to Krista's voice. and John O'Donohue's voice - like a lullaby. and i listened. as i drove. i had never heard of "speaking of faith" or John O'Donohue so i was really soaking the whole program up, hanging on to every word, not wanting this to end, EVER. and i listened. and, in between, in the breaths, i reflected on my present life... being in recovery re seeking the spiritual connection with my higher power and having a relationship with a man who i love very much but who is unhealthy. and i thought about the photo he had recently sent to me via email - an enormous and gorgeous, serene sea turtle swimming along in a blue ocean. turtle = home. and then John said, "spirituality is the art of homecoming" and i smiled and gave a little prayer of thanks to the universe, to the people (like Krista) who follow dreams, to the men like John who bless our hearts. THANK YOU! OM!