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Dear Krista;
I have been a long time listener. Seasonal requirements of my employment require me to work on Sunday during winter, so I regard this show as my time for church during those dark months in particular. While many of your shows have moved me and given me much to contemplate, this show and this conversation moved me to tears of thankfulness,complex emotions and resonated with something very deep and sleeping in my soul. Thank you for such a wonderful time of thought, feeling and reflection. At the end, I looked to the heavens and said an "I love you" to those I have loved and lost in a way I have never done before, and as a sixty year old man, that is remarkable all by itself. I am very thankful that having missed the original broadcast, I had the good fortune to be where I was when this show aired a second time. Thank you for attempting to bring the light of our inner being always to the surface.