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This was so incredibly moving. There's so much to take from this conversation, and I think I need to listen at least one more time to take from all that I could. There are two things I want to share that caught my attention in this listening.

The term "Anam Ċara" was a complete gift. In the tradition of Judaism that I practice, we have concept called a "chevruta," which is a spiritual partner. Sometimes a particular person is your chevruta for only a moment, and sometimes for life. I've wanted to bring this practice into my pantheistic spiritual community, Becoming, but the specificity of the Hebrew word was a barrier. They are very open to respectful incorporation of tools and techniques from different traditions -- but for some reason I decided that a "chevruta" was something that should not be borrowed into non-Jewish tradition. Now I have the word, Anam Cara, and it explains so closely the same idea. I am thrilled to bring the practice of "chevruta" into the Becoming community packaged in a wrapper that better fits the ethos of the community!

Somewhere in the interview, there was also a discussion of something from Meister Eckhart explaining that G!d/dess is always becoming and unbecoming. That too, was highly resonant with my work with the Becoming community.

Honestly, I was so moved that I posted this to my Facebook community for Peeling a Pomegranate (the umbrella under which I do most of my spiritual work and teaching), and asked them to listen and engage in a conversation around the core concepts.