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As the granddaughter of Irish immigrants, I've long loved the prose and poetry of John O'Donohue, and felt as if his placing of words, like the careful stacking of ancient stones in the walls his father built, were so familiar because of some shared Celtic DNA. But hearing his voice during Krista's interview was almost more than I could bear. It felt like home. It sounded like the echoes of a sea I've never tasted, but long for. Thank you Krista. Your questions were lovely, your gentle probing perfect for a conversation with this deeply spiritual visionary thinker. I have listened to your interview (broadcast and un-cut) many times now and have visited each link, music selection, and back story...I feel so blessed by this program. Although I never miss On Being (or the formerly SoF), and each one is inspiring, this program was deeply sacred for me. Thank you.