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I loved this in-depth look at the issues surrounding an extremely difficult topic, that most people are incapable of intelligently discussing or even facing at all. The one issue I have never heard raised, outside of Naomi Klein's work, is essential: that torture works. We know that it doesn't work to extract reliable "intelligence", and that the "ticking time bomb" scenario never actually occurs in real life. I mean that it works for it's intended purpose: terrorizing domestic populations, to increase the amount of fear, and thus prevent communal political action. The elite in every society know something simple: they can only rule in the manner they do because the bulk of the population complies with their rule voluntarily. I mean "voluntary" in the sense that most accept as normal to work punishing hours to pay for taxes, rents, and debt. These expenses have nothing to do with human survival on Earth, which is about clean food, clean water, shelter, and community. They are about enriching a tiny, non-productive, completely parasitic class. If the bulk of the people say, in America, suddenly realized the intensity of their voluntary slavery, they would rise up and quickly massacre the tiny elite making the money from their slavery. Nothing quite like the fear that your government can quickly disappear you and torture you to death to effectively prevent this kind of organizing. This is why the Abu Ghraib photos were released at all. It was to frighten the American sheeple into even greater submission.