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Excellent program yesterday on torture. I am an infant-parent therapist working in the field of Infant Mental Health where there has been a great deal of research done on the attachment relationship between babies/toddlers and their mothers (or primary caregivers). It is my understanding that most children are securely attached but many fall into the category of avoidant/dismissive attachment. These types are able to function normally in society but have much less empathy for others (hence the importance of the work IMH therapists do). I have often wondered with others in the field if people capable of torture who certainly don't present like "the devil personified" or a sociopath would have had and still have avoidant attchment style relationships (since the early relationship with Mom greatly determines future capacity for relationships). The example you gave on the show of the man who would go no further with the study until the conditio n of the victim was investigated (can't remember the name of the study) suggests to me that further research on the relationship between attachment style and people capable of torture would be interesting. Thanks for your good work.