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Dear Krista,

Thanks for the interview with Darius Rejali. You, and he, might like my songs, "The War of the Wild Goose" and "We Had the Will, We Found the Way". These are both on the web (for free streaming) at XB Cold Fingers,

In "The War of the Wild Goose", The "Decider" speaks - and told me to take down the "Listen" link. So I did on account I don't want to go "hunting" with Vice. But then I remembered that they're out of office.

"We Had the Will, We Found the Way", with thanks to Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Kennedy, looks at who we were and asks who we have become. Asks how did we go from the New Deal, the Four Freedoms, and the Space Program to Katrina and Iraq?

You and Darius may argue that my songs discuss the mythical America, and your interview discusses the real America.

"Wild Goose" discusses the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and concludes:

I fooled 'em for a long time With tales of guns and terror
Ignored real threats and placed my bets error after error.
I fooled 'em for a long time and some are still confused
Others call to bring to justice for power much abused.

And It’s Butcher of Baghdad or bust
We’ll hang freedom if we must
We’ll hang freedom on the noose
Of the war of the Wild Goose

Scowling Richard Faint-Heart and Condi Rice the Fool
Lead Squinting George The Yale Man with Ice Cold Rove The Jewel.
They must be brought to justice. No one's above the law.
Torture is illegal and not what we stand for.


Larry "XB Cold Fingers" Furman