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Whales and Elephants are such amazing animals. They are a lot like humans and can teach us many great lessons in life.

First, they can teach us respect for everyone, regardless of their race and beliefs. Ms. Payne said that she watched as the elephants walked pass a dead calf. This calf was not "one of their kind" but they still paid their respects to it. Some of the elephants tried many times to lift the calf up onto its feet. These elephants show us that it does not matter what race you are, but when someone needs help, you should help them.

These animals can also teach us how to listen. With life so busy and crazy, radios blasting and t.v.s blaring, it is very hard for us humans to listen intensely to the other quieter things going on around us. Ms. Payne said that after spending some time alone in the zoo, she could hear a trobbing in the air and it was the elephants communicating to each other. Elephants communicate with each other from a far far distance by infrasound. I think we human adults block out these sounds. Ms. Payne could hear these trobbing sounds but how many of us have gone to the zoo hearing nothing.