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I don’t know if I’ve ever had a positive “ah ha!” moment but I have had some important ones. They have normally come from bad experiences where I end up seeking God and thinking “Ah ha! That’s why I learned that in school!” My freshman year of college, one of my best friends died of a drug overdose. I wrote a letter to her as a way to get my feelings out and let her and her family know how much her friendship had impacted my life. I gave the letter to her mom at her viewing and she later asked me to read it at her funeral. I agreed to. On the day of the funeral, I got up to speak and found myself standing in front of 200 people doing the toughest thing in my life at that point: speaking in public when my heart was breaking and trying not to lose composure. As I was reading, my mind flashed back to my speech class I had taken the semester before and I focused on all the public speaking techniques I had learned. It helped me keep from breaking down in that moment. So on the inside, when I was done, I remember thinking “Wow, something I learned in school has actually helped me in the real world.” It was a very unique, touching moment.