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Many speak of education as awakening. To me, it was more like a long stint in the army; I couldn't begin (my own vocation or whatever) until I got through and out. This is unfortunate, because while we can stimulate our intelligence and replenish our knowledge on and on, perhaps even better once we take root in the world, those straitjacketed by years of education can miss early experiences that later years cannot provide. A moment? Graduating college on a bright flowery day, I wondered if I had any zing left, and I had studied enough to see many dead-end pathways, and so I centered myself on patience. I didn't think I was alone. I recall relentless depletion - not awakening - where it mattered, which of course I hid.
I think the community has to be reaching out to those growing up, taking them seriously, or the education is like rain on a parking lot, and it all washes away. It doesn't matter so much if the teachers "connect" in the insular academic realm; it matters on every other front. If people are always waiting for students to be "complete," they will never become "complete." Sign on door: Ready to participate, but still half ape.