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As for the actual "Mind at Work" scientifically speaking, if the following two activities are not occuring, you would not even know another person was in the room with you unless you were actually touching. Those two things are: Light reflecting off an item and entering your eyes, giving you awareness an object is within your presence; and/or the item making a movement so as to generate vibrating air molecules to resonate on the hearing mechanism in the head giving you awareness there is something there. NEITHER reflected light waves and vibrating air molecules contain special little mechanisms for conveying wisdom, knowledge, or intellect. Everything is simply assigning a value to the reflected light images and the vibrating air molecules. People place a value they have been taught to place on the item; and occasionally someone breaks free of the conventional wisdom to assign a different value on an item.

People in manual labor positions have one or two things going on based on what they have been taught by elitists: either a resignation that they aren't going to have what the rest of society is giving themselves, so they make do with the limited resources the elitists make available to them; or within them is a true desire to not play the elitist game and find and live out the life and heart of a servant.

Yes, there is something far more noble IN manual labor; because as can be seen: the graduates of the institutions of alledged higher education, haven't done anything to resolve the woes of the species; only succeeding in establishing a financial mechanism which perpetuates thinking and generating new products as being the ideal standards of success.

If you desire to truely edify, don't continue to glorify unjust servitude; even if manual labor is honorable. Speak of those things which promote the imbalance in society and maybe the history books will reveal you as a man of character; not just another proponent of "the process."

I reiterate, in the most basic of terms, these are just black on a white background electronic hashmarks made at a time who knows when. If they were in another language and you didn't understand them, they would not exert any influence over you, but the content would be the same. They have no special power. If a power or emotion is given to them, it is solely based on what the reader has learned to assign to the certain sequences of hashmarks. Yes, this says emotions are learned, too.

You're not going to get all emotional over hashmarks, are you?

What is the value you place on the following:

Consider nature’s example of a sea. First, all elements of this world, and flora and fauna, have no use for man’s words and they would continue to exist even if mankind had never existed on the planet. So words are for mankind alone. These words are seen as in a cycle of source and destination, much like nature gathers up moisture from a sea for it to fall as rain down upon fields to produce a crop to feed men. For man it is their words which are collected up to go forth to form desirable agreements which go out to reign over the efforts of individuals, whose fruits of their labors return to sustain and support the group.

As with any lake or sea, when the headwaters streaming into a lake or sea are not pure, the lake or sea cannot be pure, even if that which is not pure is diluted by the multitude of other elements.

Who controls the headwaters of words which feed back into the sea of humanity? Large or small societies gather up their words and submit them to their leaders, leaders who act as dams to hold back, advance, and even through additives of their own, change the health of the society.

In the macrocosm, the words which brought about war thousands of years ago, are the same words which produce war today. If they are not removed at some place in the cycle, by the only entities responsible and capable of removing them due to the nature of the society’s governing structure, they will always be there as a constant compromise in the health of society.

In war, what the history books have revealed is an occasional group of sea dwellers, so full of the words of war which have been returned unto them through repetitous and imitated educational pursuits, like fish following their own school of thought, as coming up out of the sea to crash down upon all of society.