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The Meaning of Intelligence program with Mike Rose provoked me to share a desire. I can relate to Professor Rose's story of being the first family member to attend college and the fortune to acquire nurturing motivation from professors. This is a concept described in the Do Good Gauge. I believe the formula of a successful composition 101 course can be simulated with internet technology. I describe the formula in the Do Good Gauge website. Much of the site is a poor attempt to engage dialog to refine and share the idea. Key to the concept is coaching, revision, and public measurement. The goal is to provide a forum where an author/student is provided a constructive means of refining a point of view. The reader is provided an ingenious opportunity to participate in the public dialog using respectful discourse. The author/student is provided the means to weed out dysfunctional criticism which distracts the development of a point of view. May your journey be filled with good, Scott Nesler The Do Good Gauge A Historical Perspective of the Do Good Gauge : The Do Good Gauge Google Gadget :