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The Broadcast that I listened to was called, “The Meaning of Intelligence”. The interviewer was Mike Rose, and he is a professor at UCLA. He has written a few books and is interested then the American culture. Rose talks a little bit about how he thinks it is crucial to have hands-on experience to get through life, rather than just having a college degree. I think that he makes such a valid point because you can be extremely book smart, but have no common sense and no common knowledge of your surroundings and have a hard time getting through life. I think that some people who are extremely educated and have degrees are not as hard of workers as someone who is more physically capable of doing something.

My favorite part of the interview was when Rose and Tippett were talking about Rose’s mother. He said that she never thought anything different of doing the housework and putting food on the table for her kids. She loved it, but it took a toll of her body physically. Rose then goes on to say and the people in this world who are the unhappy are the rich lawyer and the rich neurosurgeon. The ones who are the most unhappy make the most money and spend the most time away from home. I have had personal experience with this because my dad used to work from dawn until dusk. He never realized the toll that it was taking on his body and his own family. Everyone was unhappy because he was never home, but yet he was making decent amount of money. It didn’t matter though because the money that he was making did not make us any happier.

Rose had another valid point in saying that we remember things about others that impacted us. Whether it was something negative or positive. We might remember something that someone did for us, something that made life easier on us or something that hurt out feelings. We are able to learn things and become more intellectual without realizing it. Just like I said before, through experience. We learn little things everyday that we catch on to and store in our memory, then use it later on, without even realizing it. Intelligence is a very interesting and almost mischievous thing, because it is secret.