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I got my Masters in Counseling back in 85. Over the years I had a most supportive partner who helped me go back to school to get a certification in massage therapy and then more intensive studies in CranioSacral and Somatoemotional Therapies. I was able to combine the practices and work now with people who have experienced trauma. I love my work, but the community I live in does not find the value of the work. Most of the patients I see comes from beyond my immediate community. I have taught in places as far away as Russia, Lativia and Canada, but the most resistance I get for my work comes within my own country/community.
I have more education that many PhD friends, but I even carry a deep seated discounting of my education.
Listening to this conversation today has helped me to discover a new appreciation for the "intelligence" I have always had, but may not be necessarily "degreeable".
I have learned and I practice using my hands and my mind and even my spirit to hold a space that helps a trauma victim safely access those areas in themselves that need healing. There is actual science behind this practice, but I have also had the wonderful opportunity to experience the deeply complexity of this work.