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I never really fit in during my public school days. I was tracked into the poor readers program before anybody could ask whether or not I could see the board or hear the teacher. However, after high school I found a home and a peace in higher education. I excelled in college and often was more well read than my professors. Recently, due to interests in social justice, I entered an education graduate program. At the beginning of a class this semester, the professor asked to name 5 Nobel Laureates, 5 of our K-12 teachers and 5 Supreme Court Justices. The point which she was trying to make is that teachers are more influential than judges and experts, yet I could not name 5 teachers and named 5 judges and Nobel prize winners quite easily. When the professor heard this she looked at me and said: "And you think you want to be a teacher?" So, again I find myself an outsider because I have no interest in recreating a system which sees education which works for some and ignores others as pragmatic. Furthermore I see nothing pragmatic about the pedagogy of J. Dewey, J.S. Mill and A. Smith which have dominated American education other than they are practical for those who benefit from them.