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We were lucky to have excellent teachers (English, Science, Math, and History) in our small town school in Greenville, Kentucky. I remember Ms. Nancy Ford teaching history about 1972 and her lectures about the turmoil in the US at that time (Rock music, Drugs, Summer of Love, Women's Equality, Kent State, Race Equality, Moon Landing, Race Riots, "Silent Spring", Unions, Communism, and Vietnam). She didn't tell us what to think, but made us discuss, think and justify what we said. She challanged us and questioned us.

The lesson I remember from her most was that "my rights ended at the tip of my (her) nose". This has allowed me to see other's viewpoints. It has served me well.

I have thought of this recently when hearing complaints about lost freedoms. I note there is nothing these people cannot do today that they could legally do yesterday. Yet much of what they want will lessen my (and their) future freedom. Hyperbolic hypocrisy abounds today.

The continual process of combining small schools into super schools for cost savings saddens me. There is no community. There is little focus on the students. You get what you pay for. We have made factories to produce mediocre Americans that care only to feed their faces, watch TV, and suck resources from the Earth as fast as possible.