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I dislike the word "education" which means "leading out" and implies that student should simply be a follower of the teacher. The word "teaching" too makes the student a passive player in the process of education. I prefer the word "learning" and my goal in life, at age 65, is to continue learning something new every day til the day I die (and, boy, won't that be a special learning day). As an IT/Accounting Consultant, I see a lot of younger people who have a good education but no love of learning, little intellectual curiosity, and minimal persistence/patience in the pursuit of knowledge. The best "teachers" in my life were the ones who inspired me to keep studying beyond the class day assignments and even beyond graduation. I believe too many students today simply want to become credentialed so they can finally say when they get their diplomas, "No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks." The real educator will "lead out" from his/her students the passion and joy of life-long learning and a desire to be in a class by themselves.