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Thank you for a great interview about intelligence. This is a story about my 7th grade Spanish teacher, Mr Glaze. Most of the girls who took Mr Glaze's class did it because they were in love with him and wanted to be close to the object of their affection. He married when we were in the 8th grade and I thought some of these heartbroken girls might throw themselves off the roof of the school. It turned out that I, along with a few others, actually liked Spanish. The next year Mr Glaze taught Level II Spanish, a mix of 8th and 9th graders. When six of us went to the 9th grade, he gave up his one-hour free period to teach just us Level III. A couple of years later he transferred to my high school and I was able to take another class from him. The summer I graduated, I received a scholarship to attend school in Guadalajara and live with a family. I consider this one of the peak experiences of my life and Mr Glaze was behind it all. I continued with Spanish in college and, being a nurse practitioner from Texas, I always worked in settings where I had plenty of opportunity to speak this beautiful language. I took in refugees from Guatemala and Peru and another graduate student from Peru lived with me while attending university. In my work, I got hired before other equally qualified people who didn't speak Spanish. Being able to really communicate with other people in their own language, and in some of their most intimate situations, has shaped my life and added to it in ways I never could have imagined when I was young. Simply put, I owe all of this to Mr Glaze. When we left the 9th grade, the six of us gave him a little trophy in recognition of the awesome job he did. That trophy pales in comparison to what he gave me.