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Thank you for your enlightening series of shows, taking the mind through a virtual amusement park of ideas, explorations, reflections and possibilities.

I too had difficulty in school. Being dyslexic, I was the source of laughter in the reading group when learning to read in the third grade. That hurt me far deeper than I realized at the time, but it did not stop me from becoming a professional research and development mechanical engineer now a game inventor/experimental economics instructor, developing a step-by-step, sequential process for personal economic development. (Maybe seeing things backward contributes to my concept synthesis.) It is through personal discovery that I think everyone can discover their valuable uniqueness and who they are– their actual personality types, their interests and inclinations, their strengths and visions and (this is the tricky, but doable part) synthesize all those findings in such a way as to yield unique, customized, structured career paths which enables all to reach their chosen visions in a game-objective like fashion. It takes new ways of interdisciplinary thinking and developed but unknown mathematical methods, and the cultural and political will.

Having seen numerous consistent results from multiple anecdotal, segment tests, I am confident that this process is possible– from a kid who was so funny in the third grade reading session at Glenfield Elementary School. And I am just one of the millions out there who was lucky enough to have found a path to express myself. Now my objective is to show others that same structured path and let them fill in their own blanks to improve their own personal development process. It is hoped that this process can revitalize our education and economic systems. You can imagine the Black Hole of skepticism engulfing me, but I am confident that we are capable of doing this with just a few tweaks to our thinking.

I’m contacting Mike Rose. Thank you. Keep up the inspirational work.

Charles Phillips