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I am frustrated by the discussion of climate change, primarily because I do not believe that it is the right place to focus my efforts, or the efforts of our government. In brief, I believe the holy scriptures describe various horrific events, cataclysmic destruction which will completely change the way of life as we currently experience it. I am thinking of the words in the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the Gospel of Saint Matthew, and Daniel. The many events described in the program concerning the suffering throughout the world in recent history cause me grief, but I do not believe their source is global warming. I believe the scriptures tell us that our societal problems, even those whose source appears to be industrial, scientific or technological, are a result in general, from the fall of man. I believe that global warming is an opposition of science, which the scriptures inform me to avoid. As an example, consider the description of the event in Siloam in chapter 13 of Luke's Gospel, where a tower fell and people died; this informs me that horrible natural occurrences have happened to mankind throughout history; these are not necessarily a result of the specific people's faith, or lack of faith. I was encouraged by the discussion on being a good neighbor. I have been moving around so much in my life primarily because of military service; I am looking forward to taking roots and growing in my local community. I liked the reference to the discussion at the end of the book of Job; I would differ in that I do not believe we are in a position to directly control the forces of nature, at least not on a large scale; the examples in Job 38 - 40 concern the beauty in the heavens and earth, meteorological occurrences, and animals in nature; I remember seeing Saturn from Waimea Falls on O'ahu on my son's birthday, it was memorable to both of us - similar to your discussion on the camping trip and viewing the Milky Way; about the only item which I think we have language to describe today that Job did not would be describing the breadth of the earth. I agree with the importance of individual and community restraint and the need to think of ourselves as small in a larger scheme. I also agree with the importance of making the right choices for one's community. I have a fifteen year old daughter, and I commend your efforts in developing your daughter's global understanding; for now we are working more on understanding some fundamentals of our government such as the Constitution and its amendments. Thanks for the challenging program. The picture was taken on a recent family trip on the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota.