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Dear Krista,

I awoke this morning to your voice and that of Bill McKibben discussing the moral and spiritual implications of the effects that humanity's dominance over nature has had on the environment. I have been working passively in this arena for most of my life, turning off lights, recycling, bicycle commuting, composting, gardening and telecommuting. I have also begun a more active role by educating my engineering students on the role of sustainability in design. If your readers or listeners are interested in an engineering perspective, I encourage them to read through a recent publication of mine that appeared in the International Journal of Green Energy. I wrote the paper with the intent of bridging the mathematical divide that frequently and unfortunately excludes many who think of themselves as mathematically challenged or non-technical. If you wouldn't mind sharing my paper with your audience, I would be interested to hear their feedback as to whether or not it helps to clear up many of the concepts that must be delt with when understanding the role that energy, economics and politics play in determining what the world will look like in the next few years and decades.

Bradley Layton