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This is one of Kristine's best, putting a positive discussion of climate change with hope vs the long line of negative output we are so used to. I was reminded, on the negative side, of Olaf Stapleton's "Last and First Men," and his best known - "Starmaker" The great black obelisks in "2001" and the universe view from the Adam's Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe Trilogy, with the earth being removed/destroyed to make way for a intergalatic highway, plus the punishment of having to see the whole universe at once and one's place in it, driving all but one man mad, plus the earth just being a massive computer spitting out the final answer "42" without the question or dimensions. I had the opposite view of Job, in what kind of god would do that to one of his most faithful followers. The horrible fates of Job's innocent first family on the basis of a casual morning coffee bet by god with his mortal enemy satan turned me off totally. Perhaps there is hope, see the last chapter of Asimov's "I, Robot." But will an outside force, like the robots, or the obelisks, be necessary to control us for our own good, to save us from our pugnaciousness, greed, self centeredness, and attitude of "give me more and more and more" even at the cost to society." like the current bankers. I wish Bill McKibben and his group luck or else the chemistry and physics will win, There will be an earth. But it may not be human hospitable. Tom