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I hear about Climate Change quite often in this day and age. The media tells me I need to buy this kind of car, this kind of light bulb and live my lives this way and not that way. I’m confronted by pictures of polar bears floating adrift on ice chucks in the ocean, and ancient rivers in far off countries that have been reduced to nothing more then parched beds of dirt. These images terrify me, but no matter how many light bulbs I change to fluorescent or times I take the bus instead of drive, I simply can’t help but feel my efforts are in vain.

When I listened to the December 3rd broadcast of Speaking of Faith, “The Moral Math of Climate Change” with Bill Mckibben was really an eye opener to me. Not only did he explain the history and the facts of climate change in laymen’s terms, but also the way he applied the things we need to do to alleviate climate change to innate human instincts. Sometimes we get so caught up in the modern world, we forget what it really means to be human. Perhaps our quest towards saving the planet will not only lead to a healthier planet, but a richer, reinvigorated sense of humanity and appreciation for life amongst us all.