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Hi, really enjoy your program. This is the only time I have ever responded. I think this is a very worthy topic that should be discussed in depth. I drive a Honda Civic Hybrid and pride myself in getting over 45 MPG. In my opinion, the world and the USofA is in big trouble if we here in the United States do not take drastic action to significantly reduce our consumption of oil. It can be done, but if appears that no one in power wants to propose a national speed limit of 55 MPH or less. That step alone would save an enormous amount of oil with very little pain.

More painfully remedies would include: a national gasoline tax to raise the cost of gasoline by several dollars per gallon; mandating that vehicles that do not get at lease 30 MPG (35 MPG) pay a stiff tax; using that tax money for incentives to produce mass transit, alternative fuel vehicles and other oil consumption reducing ideas.

It would be of interest to me for you to explore on your program what the world and the United States will be like in just 10 years, if we do nothing to reduce our consumption of oil.

Thanks for this opportinity.