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This broadcast had a lot of interesting insights about not only the environment but on human nature on well. I found it interesting that people who shop at the farmer's market on average have more conversations with one another. This has a lot to say about our attitude towards the planet. It seems that now, as we find ourselves living in a high speed world of convenience, that we take for granted many of our resources because we ourselves don't need to really interact with their sources in order to recieve them. In the past things like warmth and shelter were all achieved through hard labor and each tree or resource used was accounted for in one's mind because they personally had to salvage it. We've slowly been moving away from a lifestyle of "doing" and more towards a lifestyle of "demanding". Plenty of people are aware that our planet is changing and many more may even be demanding a change but how many of us actually take action?
This attitude reflects faith in many ways in that it's easy for us to claim ourselves faithful or compassionate and expect to reap the benefits, like praise from a church or paradise in another realm. It's much harder, however, for us to go out and prove these claims by "doing" something. It's so easy to judge life and the world around us when we never really consider ourselves on trial. Just like the planet, we as people are all interconnected, something we seem to lose sight of time and time again until we really go out and interact with our peers, along with our mother Earth.