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PHYSICS & THEOLOGY Your August 5th guest Robert McKibben said about the negotiated resolution of the global warming issue: “The real negotiation underway is between human beings on the one hand and physics and chemistry on the other.” If this is so, we should listen to a Physicist, not Mr. McKibben, who may have attended Harvard, but did not obtain a physics doctorate any other advanced science degree then or since. Robert Laughlin is not only a real physicist, but is on the faculty of Stanford University (a fairly comparable institution to Harvard) and Nobel prize winner in physics. His recent article at advises that the there is not anything substantial humans can bring to the global warming negotiating table and that we should relax and let the laws of physics work it out. Laughlin says excess carbon in the atmosphere happens all the time, if you look back in geological history. Anything t hat humans do to mitigate it will be a waste of effort and resources. Governments and citizens delude themselves when they think they can make a difference. McKibben was correct to make a biblical reference to Job – but he got the message exactly backward. God’s message to man was to stay humble. McKibbon says: “. . . for the first time in human history we're no longer in the position Job's in.” What hubris to think that Man is greater now than God’s creation! Forget the physics issues raised in your broadcast: You missed a perfect opportunity to examine the theological assumptions behind your guest’s opinions and those of the global warming alarmists.