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Dear Krista - Regarding your program this morning with Bill McKibben of Middlebury College... I must say that I disagree with most of what I heard but the one thing I wanted to comment about was when Bill cited the last three chapters of Job as evidence of man's arrogance in tryng to undue what God himself has done. You opined, and he did not contradict, that as evidence of our duty to nature. Maybe we do have such a duty. But you both missed the point of those three chapters and the following concluding chapter (42), which is the discovery/enlightment/internal recognition of a loving God as master of the universe. Those chapters point to God, not to nature. Nature gives evidence of God. But God is to be worshipped and obeyed, not nature. I am not saying that you personally do it - I have no way to know - but many environmental activists seem to have environmentalism as their religion and worship the creation instead of the Creator, and you r Sunday program smacked of that very thing. Bill's point about the world coming together as a community as a way to preserve the earth is valid. But the world needs to unite around God, not nature, or the effort will surely fail. Thanks for your time. Barry Kasprow Middlebury College '67