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We have formed a group in Lexington, Massachusetts called the Lexington InterFaith Environmental Action team. Our group asks the question, "How can we live our faith in a way that is best for the earth and our community?"

We started by looking for common ground among the many faith communities here in Lexington and for ways that each faith community could take action to reduce our carbon footprint. Over 500 people in town have signed our Interfaith Environmental Declaration and Pledge.

We have also looked at the inter-relationship between our energy consumption and our food production and the root causes of hunger. We have started an interfaith garden here in town just across from the Lexington Battle Green to help educate ourselves and our communities on the links between food and our environment.

We now have 14 faith communities participating in growing healthy produce for our hungry neighbors. We give all the produce grown at the garden to a local food pantry and other hunger relief organizations.

We have a wide range of faith communities supporting this effort, including both Catholic churches, both Unitarian Universalist churches, both Jewish Temples, an Islamic Center, a Hindu temple, Grace Chapel (a large evangelical church), a Greek Orthodox church as well as several other Protestant churches.

We are building relationships among faith communities, we are growing healthy food for those in need, and we are reducing our carbon footprint. There is reason for hope as we are growing community once again.

Take a look at our website for more information.