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Jaroslav Pelikan and Krista Tippett agree that the Masai Creed is somehow more "authentic" than the Nazi Christian creed, even though they admit they can't explain how. That's because it isn't. If one can believe on faith that Jesus was God, one can likewise believe on faith that he wasn't a Jew. Faith implies a willingness to disregard evidence (as Pelikan clearly displays by asserting that Jesus sacrificed himself intentionally to save the world, despite the clear contrary evidence of his question, "My god, why have you forsaken me?")

It may be objected that the Nazi spirit was clearly different because they committed atrocities in the name of Nazism. But so have Christians, in the name of Christianity. Most Christians haven't, but then neither did most Nazis. Training to believe absurdities is no guarantee that one will commit atrocities, but it helps pave the way.

There is no reality but reality, and the senses are its messengers.