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I really enjoyed the broadcast which features Jaroslav Pelikan because he reinstated that creeds bring together today's Christians with early followers who first celebrated Christianity. Creeds also affirm our beliefs when we have ups and downs in our life because it clarifies that God and His Son will help us get through the difficult times. There really is a need for creeds because there is a creed that can relate to any walk of life, celebrations and death, and with reciting them we must remember that God is with us day in and day out. Creeds help separate Christianity and any other religion. It is not a simple saying, but while expressing each creed we are stating are devotional belief in God.

Creeds have helped move Christianity into where it is today because it unites its members and gives us all something that we can contribute, as one, to. By stating such phrases as "We believe in one God" we, as a community, continue to strengthen our beliefs as one. I feel that by expressing these creeds we can develop a stronger relationship with God because I feel that each time we express this we are showing complete gratitude to our Creator. Creeds become just as beautiful as music, symbols or any other physical object relating to Christianity because it simply strengths our own beliefs and makes us understand our religion a bit more. Pelikan points out that many Christians in today's world are not comfortable with past creeds, but I feel that we should be priviledged to express our love toward God, I also think that creeds should be continued because of their historical contentt, we will continue to wear crosses or read scriptures and I feel that expressing creeds aloud and together as a community can only strengthen us.