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Hi, I just read the commentary about the author of these two books and the books themselves, The Sparrow, and The Children of God.
I am intrigued and plan to purchase or get these books from the library.

It was interesting to read this, because I see God as the master storyteller, meaning I see that all books have one signature, and that we are channeling the Divine in our creative acts. It is as if the sieve of our individuality is the filter that provides the unique perspective or spin we all give to these stories, these novels, and even works of non fiction.

I know that religious rabbis, do speak of God's knowing everything, meaning all that we do and the outcome of all acts. For me, this does have an element of determinism embedded and yet, we do act as if we have free will and cherish this freedom. Maybe in a cosmic way, free will is an illusion and there is an answer to this conundrum.

But yes, I see what we do creatively as mirroring creation itself, in metaphor, and surely all good stories, as our lives, do depend on transformative elements and the characters learn through story as we do learn through life, so there are these deep mirrors.

If God wrote the entire story, and there is some deep religious/spiritual feeling this is true, then God wrote a story that has within, for us all, a deep learning curve. I would say for us all, as we converse and dialogue and experience, this thing we call life, this very give and take, is part and parcel of a cosmic dance.