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I got married 6 months ago to a wonderful man. We have many similarities along with many differences in our way of thinking. Listening to The Power of Echart Tolles Now brings theses differences into perspective. I am a very forgiving person, some very hurtful bad things have happened to me, but I have always been able to move past this, be the bigger person and forgive, then move on. This is a quality that my husband loves about me, yet it also irritates him to no end, and has caused a few disagreements between us. He sometimes feels that I make myself a door matt for others to step on, because I can just let things go. I would love for him to listen to this pod casts as I think Mr. Tolles has made some sense of this. I agree with everything he says. I do not obsess about the past and the future, I am a pro at turning of the background noise off, turning of the mind and rising above thinking. These are qualities I have, but they are qualities he does not. He is at times full of anger and feeling sorry for things he does not have, he most definite wants what the future has to offer but when it gets here, his ideas of what the future should be has changed so he is always disappointed. He has asked me many times how do you do it? And I do not have an answer for him. It is just who I am. I will end with agreeing with Mr.Tolles you’re inside thinking influences the outside world around you.