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Thank you for the opportunity to share my story of the impact that Mr. Tolle and his work have had on my life.

It was just a year ago when the economic crisis was starting to take hold and the realization that life as we had come to know it, was changing in a profound way.

A colleague had just announced that he was leaving our company and I was heartbroken over the news. I left work early that day, and sought comfort in my home and with my family.

I could not find a place of peace for myself that day however until I saw a copy of Mr. Tolle's "A New Earth" sitting on my coffee table. A friend had given me the book months before, with a glowing recommendation, and I had not found the time to read it. That day, there was the book, just when I needed it, waiting for me.

Mr. Tolle's words were a salve to my heart that day. I read his book for the first time cover to cover. I have since read it 3 more times. I bought the book on CD and listen to some portion of his words every week.

I have found his humility and wisdom to be grounding and critical at a time when the world has, in so many ways, gone mad. The lessons on the ego, community and contribution have deeply altered my views of the world and my experience of it.

I am grateful to you, Ms. Winfrey and others who "get" Mr. Tolle's messages, for putting the conversations out here for us to particpate in. Mr. Tolle's form of leadership is what we desperately need in this moment. I have given his book to many others since my discovery of it.

All the best,