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While I did not get the chance to hear the program, I just read your introduction to the interview with Tolle. I receive your emails and was intrigued by the fact that "The Power of Now" was the subject of Speaking of Faith.

I too approached the book with not much enthusiasm and some skepticism. I was at a low point in my life, having just gone through some major struggles and health issues. The book was recommended to me as part of my therapy to regain balance in my life and an awareness of myself and of those around me.

So I started reading - quit reading - started reading - quit reading - often throughout the book. Not being one to ever sit still, and be aware of the NOW, it was a challenge to even read the book!

I cannot say I am at the point that I am able to connect with all of what Tolle says - that will take time and lots of space! But I can say that the thought that "now is all I have" and to be aware of that comes to my mind many times a day.

Some of the book's insights, interwoven with my strong faith, have helped me regain a sense of balance in my life. And, perhaps, allowed me to think outside of my traditional spirituality. A good thing to do, I believe.