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Nine years ago my sister and I were estranged after the death of my mother. There were legal battles, accusations and tremendous feelings of betrayal. Throughout the past nine years(and the chronological shift from 40 to 50) I had replayed the events endlessly in my mind-reconstructing situations, rewriting responses and replaying the entire event...sometimes even in my dreams. A friend had suggested that I read Tolles book about 4 years ago-I bought it and put it at my bedside. I finally opened it in June of this year. Staying in the "now" although not an entirely new concept, when presented by Mr. Tolle seemed attainable for me. I approached the reconnect with my sister determined to be "present" only to that moment, that conversation, that connection as it stood on its own. It is not an easy task, but it is so amazing to relate to my sister as she and I "stand". When we "remet" for the first time since moms death
as soon as I saw her get out of the car I found myself standing and walking toward her with my arms out stretched-the only thing that mattered was that moment. At that moment I felt more love for her than I have ever experienced with her before. Seriously...We are continuing to build a relationship and although it is not "second nature" yet for me to stay "in the now" the results are so gratifying that I make it my goal with every encounter with her. Its also amazing that she is following suite...we have not spoken about the book or my intention. Pretty cool stuff.