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I was so thrilled to listen to this program again. I listened to the uncut version 3 times! Heaps of thanks and appreciation to the team.

When it was aired last year I had been meditating with a zen teacher for just 2 months. I began meditating because I had watched Eckhart's series on Oprah and felt that I needed something extra to assist me with what he was teaching. I found it almost impossible to stay in the present moment.

Listening to the program again (and again and again!) I found that I understood what he was saying at a very deep level. I had understood it intellectually before but the meditation I have done since has enabled me to really get what he is saying. It also helped me appreciate how far I have come with the meditation, as the first 9 months was sheer struggle. If I hadn't been with a teacher I doubt if I would have stayed the course.

The day after listening to the program I found myself reacting very strongly to my sister's attacks on our mother. I got caught up in the situation before I could stop myself but did manage to realise it and cut the conversation short. Then I got an attack of the guilts for not supporting my sister in her suffering. It was good to be able to have a framework for understanding the modus operandi of the pain body. It is all too real until we dismantle the belief in it.