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It is another Sunday and I am out driving and hear the notice for your show at 3pm. I know your shows are always a gift and I make the emotional space to be willing to be receptive to what is presented. Your voices are so soothing. I am immediately drawn in and centering, allowing the room for what is, to be delivered.
I am stuck by how often we move from place to place with our bodies, but not our consciousnesses. We take up the space, but do not exist in it. He speaks to the existence in each moment. To know the one we call ourself and at the same time allow the room for the pain body, or what may come through us or to us, to exist simultaneously with us but not consume us such that we lose our consciousness.
There was such a peace with him, and with you Krista, asking him the pointed questions such as how noterioty may have changed his life. It has and yet he is not consumed with it. It is merely a part of his existence, it is not his true self.
It is his ability to describe living with the ambiguities of life, witnessing them. To live with the many contrasts and still be in the center, present.
I was so struck by him saying there is no drama in his life anymore. As though he has caught up with himself and has learned to live in his body and his life. It takes time and practice. Cultivation.
I do this work, myself, daily. On the addictions medicine unit we talk about mindfulness, of acknowledging the addiction from the true self. The importance of learning to awaken to habitual nature, the simplicity of breathing in each moment and of practicing gratitude in that awakening.
I breathe, therefore, I am.
Cheers, Krista, I love what you offer the world with your shows.
Frann Altman